Phenomenology, Intersubjectivity, and Theory of Mind

An interdisciplinary conference sponsored by the
International Association for Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences
the Department of Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences Program at the University of Central Florida,
LIFE@UCF, and the University of Central Florida Libraries

14-15 January 2005

University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida

Plenary speakers:

Mark Johnson: The Bodily Basis of Shared Meaning
(University of Oregon)

Dan Zahavi: Expression and Empathy
(Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen,
and Visiting Professor, University of Central Florida) : p>

In recent years phenomenologists have developed critical responses to theory of mind (TOM) explanations of intersubjectivity and self-knowledge. This conference is designed to further the critique and to explore phenomenological alternatives for explaining how we know ourselves and others. Papers that address these issues in the light of classical phenomenology, philosophy of mind, and recent research in cognitive neuroscience are especially welcome. Relevant topics include the simulation theory vs theory theory debate, shared neural representations, self-consciousness, empathy, autism, social cognition ... and so on.

The Plenary Session is open to the public. Other sessions are designed as working seminars with limited seating open to faculty and students working on these or related issues. Contact Shaun Gallagher at to register for the seminars.

Conference program.