Resources for the Cognitive Sciences

  • Cognitive Science Eprint Archive
  • Philosophy of Mind: On-Line Papers
  • Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
  • Mind-Brain Resources
  • Sciences Cognitives (Resources compiled by Philippe Brun at the journal Arob@se)
  • Cognitive and Psychological Sciences on the Internet
  • NeuroSciences on the Internet
  • Cognitive Science, Humanities, and the Arts (Cynthia Freeland, University of Houston)

    Special Topics

  • MIT Artificial Intelligence Labs
  • Brain Fly-Through (video)
  • Face Recognition (Resources compiled by Peter Kruizinga.)
  • Object Cognition
  • Change Detection Database (Harvard)
  • Consciousness and the Brain (Annotated bibliography by Ellis and Newton)


  • CREA (Paris)
  • Institut Nicod (Paris)
  • Institut des Sciences Cognitives (Lyon)

    Some Online Journals

  • American Physiological Society Abstracts
  • Behavioral and Brain Sciences (On-line target articles)
  • Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy
    (Special issue on Existential Phenomenology and Cognitive Science)
  • Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
  • Journal of Intelligent Systems
  • Noetica
  • Psyche: Interdisciplinary Journal for Research on Consciousness
  • Psycholoquy

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