Situated Cognition: Perspectives from Phenomenology and Science

Durham University, UK ( 18th - 20th August 2006 )
  This conference is kindly supported by the British Academy, and organized by the International Association for Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. Local organizer: Matthew Ratcliffe, Department of Philosophy, Durham University.


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    Birley Room, Hatfield College, Durham University

    Friday 18th August

    8.30-9.15 Registration

    9.15-9.30 Welcome: Matthew Ratcliffe

    9.30-10.30 Plenary

    Social Cognition with representation. Daniel Hutto

    Chair: Matthew Ratcliffe

    10.30-11.00 Tea, coffee and biscuits

    11.00-12.00 Plenary

    Cognition in context: Naturalized phenomenology, situated intelligence, and the frame problem. Michael Wheeler

    Chair: Matthew Conduct

    12.00-12.15 Comfort break

    12.15-13.15 Motor Intentionality

    Chair: Elizabeth Hannon

    Motor Intentionality and the Margins of Experience. Julian Kiverstein

    Is Motor Intentionality beyond Reason?. Rasmus Thybo Jensen

    13.15-14.30 Lunch

    14.30-16.00 Enactive Perception and Interpersonal Relations

    Chair: Anthony Atkinson

    Does the Enactive Approach imply a Social Modality of Perception?. Marek McGann

    How does Interactional Coordination come about? Probing Situated Social Cognition. Hanne De Jaegher, Rachel Wood, Ezequiel Di Paolo

    Enactive Approach to the Recognition of an Intentional Subject. Charles Lenay, Malika Auvray, John Stewart

    16.00-16.30 Tea, coffee and biscuits

    16.30-18.00 Vision and the Body

    Chair: Vanessa Losinno

    The Phenomenal Self: Evidence on the Temporal Parameters of Visual-Proprioceptive Integration in Infants and Adults. Chris Moore

    Vision and Values. Anne Jacobson

    Facing Meaning: The Enactive Approach to Perception and Prosopagnosia. Aaron Kagan

    18:00-19.00 Plenary

    Mental action, self-awareness and phenomenology. Christopher Peacocke

    Saturday 19th August

    9.00-9.15 Introduction to the International Association for Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences: Shaun Gallagher

    9.15-10.15 Phenomenology and Naturalism I

    Chair: Denis McManus

    Natural Detachment and its Embodied Compensations - the 
    Anthropological Foundations of Situated Cognition. Lenny Moss

    The Place of Description in Phenomenology's Naturalization. Mark W. Brown

    10.15-10.30 Comfort break

    10.30-11.30 Phenomenology and Naturalism II

    Chair: Simon Jones

    Kinesthesis and the Naturalisation of Phenomenology. James M.M. Good and Arthur W. Still

    Phenomenology Informing Science: Unifying Phenomenological and Naturalistic Descriptions of Illness. Havi Carel

    11.30-12.00 Tea, coffee and biscuits

    12.00-13.00 Plenary

    The Structure of Interpersonal Relations: A Perspective from Autism. Peter Hobson

    Chair: Daniel Hutto

    13.00-14.00 Lunch

    14.00-15.30 Social Cognition and Language

    Chair: Daniel Schmicking

    I and you. The Social Context in Person Deixis. Beata Stawarska

    Autism, Language and Interpretation. Richard Moore

    15.30-16.00 Tea, coffee and biscuits

    16.00-17.00 Merleau-Ponty and Enactive Perception

    Chair: Susan Stuart

    Interpersonal Situatedness: The Enactive Body as Socially Situated. Maria Talero

    Merleau-Ponty’s Touch-like Seeing. David Grandy

    17.00-17.15 Comfort break

    17.15-18.15 Phenomenology, Science and Embodiment

    Chair: Havi Carel

    Reflection and Situated Cognition: Between the Empirical and the Phenomenal. Eran Dorfman

    Scientific Phenomenology: An Exploration of the Embodied Individual in Depth. Nivedita Gangopadhyay

    20.00 Conference Buffet in the Almshouses, Palace Green, Durham City


    Sunday 20th August

    10.00-11.30 Nietzsche, Heidegger and Situatedness

    Chair: Donnchadh O’Conaill

    Heidegger and the Situation of the Self. Matt Shockey

    Putting the Subject back into the World. Denis McManus

    Nietzsche and Situated Cognition. Rebecca Bamford

    11.30-12.00 Tea, coffee and biscuits

    12.00-13.00 Plenary

    Multiple aspects of agency: Phenomenology and experiments. Shaun Gallagher

    Chair: Matthew Ratcliffe

    13.00-14.00 Lunch

    14.00-15.00 Consciousness, Imagination and the Body

    Chair: Shaun Gallagher

    Consciousness, Bodily Consciousness and Imagination. Susan Stuart

    Against Materialism about the Body: A Defence of Bodily Awareness as Self-Conscious Knowledge. Andy Hamilton

    15.00-15.15 Comfort break

    15.15-16.45 Exploring Situated Cognition: New Methods and Perspectives

    Chair: Matthew Ratcliffe

    Music and the Extended Cognition of Emotions Tom Cochrane

    Eidetic Reduction Re-situated: From Ideation to Experimental Design Daniel A. Schmicking

    Conditional Intelligence: A New Approach to Situatedness in Artificial Intelligence Aziz F. Zambak


    Pizzas, salads and drinks for anyone staying in Durham on Sunday night (there’s no charge for this). Meet in Durham City Market Place at 18.00 or ask Matthew Ratcliffe for directions.

    This conference is kindly sponsored by The British Academy and by the Department of Philosophy, Durham University.