Edited by
Evan Thompson


EditorŐs Preface

Evan Thompson, Empathy and Consciousness

Beyond Theory of Mind
Vittorio Gallese, What Actions Can Do: From Mirror Neurons to Empathy
Jonathan Cole, Empathy Needs a Face
Iso Kern and Eduard Marbach, Understanding the Representational Mind: A Prerequisite for Intersubjectivity
Shaun Gallagher, The Practice of Mind: Theory, Simulation, or Interaction?
Victoria McGeer, Psycho-Practice, Psycho-Theory and the Contrastive Case of Autism: How Practices of Mind Become Second-Nature

Dimensions of Intersubjective Experience
J. Allan Cheyne, Being Consciousness of the Other: Sensed Presence and Other Hallucinations
Dan Zahavi, Beyond Empathy: Phenomenological Approaches to Intersubjectivity
Natalie Depraz, The Husserlian Theory of Intersubjectivity as Alterology: Emergent Theories and Wisdom Traditions in the Light of Genetic Phenomenology
Anthony Steinbock, Interpersonal Attention through Exemplarity

Ethics and the Co-Emergence of Self and Other
Yoko Arisaka, The Ontological Co-Emergence of ÔSelf and OtherŐ in Japanese Philosophy
B. Allan Wallace, Intersubjectivity in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism
Annabella Pitkin, Scandalous Ethics: Infinite Presence with Suffering

Intersubjectivity and Illness Experience
S. Kay Toombs, The Role of Empathy in Clinical Practice
Francisco J. Varela, Intimate Distances: Fragments for a Phenomenology of Organ Transplantation

Interspecies Subjectivity
Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, William M. Fields, and J. Taglialatela, Language, Speech, Tools, and Writing: A Cultural Imperative
Barbara Smuts, Encounters with Animal Minds

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