Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences

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Editors-in Chief:

Shaun Gallagher
(Philosophy and Cognitive Science, University of Central Florida)

Dan Zahavi
(Philosophy Section, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, and Danish National Research Foundation: Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen)

Founding Editors:
Francisco J. Varela (1946-2001)
Natalie Depraz (University of Paris, Sorbonne)
Shaun Gallagher (University of Central Florida)

Book Review Editor: Beata Stawarska, Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon

Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences is an interdisciplinary, international journal that serves as a forum to explore the intersections between phenomenology, empirical science, and analytic philosophy of mind. The journal represents an attempt to build bridges between continental phenomenological approaches (in the tradition following Husserl) and disciplines that have not always been open to or aware of phenomenological contributions to understanding cognition and related topics. The journal welcomes contributions by phenomenologists, scientists, and philosophers who study cognition, broadly defined to include issues that are open to both phenomenological and empirical investigation, including perception, emotion, language, and so forth. In addition the journal welcomes discussions of methodological issues that involve the variety of approaches appropriate for addressing these problems.

Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences also publishes critical review articles and book reviews that address recent work in areas relevant to the connection between empirical results in experimental science and the first-person perspective.

Papers should be submitted through the Online Document Submission system.

Author guidelines

Contact: Shaun Gallagher
Philosophy and Cognitive Science
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 32816-1352

Books for review should be sent to:

Beata Stawarska
Department of Philosophy
University of Oregon
Kincaid 1415
Eugene, OR 97403-1295