Intersubjectivity and Embodiment. Perspectives from Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences

Leuven, Belgium (15-17 September 2003)

The Conference is supported by the Fund for Scientific Research - Flanders and sponsored by The Institute of Philosophy (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven). Additional support has been granted by the Center for Subjectivity Research (Danish National Research Foundation, University of Copenhagen). The conference is organized by the Association for Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. Local organizer: Beata Stawarska, Husserl Archives, Institute of Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

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    Marc Jeannerod (Institut des Sciences Cognitives, Lyon)
    Mark Johnson (Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon)

    Conference Details

    The conference on Intersubjectivity and Embodiment: Perspectives from Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences will be held at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Louvain, Leuven, Belgium, 15-17 September 2003.

    Institute of Philosophy
    Kard. Mercierplein 2
    B-3000 Leuven

    Presentations will address interdisciplinary approachs and perspectives on intersubjectivity from the following areas:
  • classical phenomenology
  • philosophy of mind
  • experimental and developmental psychology
  • neuroscience
  • including topics such as empathy, language, neonate imitation, self-recognition, the simulation theory vs theory theory debate, mirror neurons, shared neural representations, autism, social cognition ... and so on.

    Questions? Contact the conference organizer Beata Stawarska (

    Travel and Hotel Information

    Travel: Leuven is located approximately 25 km east of Belgium's capital city Brussels. The town itself has preserved its charms as an old university town with many of its buildings dating from the Middle Ages. Leuven is 20 minutes from Brussels and only a few hours by train from London, Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne.

    Travel by train, via Brussels. By air to Brussels Zaventem airport. The airport connects directly with the train system which links to Brussels (approx. 2.50 Euros) and then Leuven. More about trains to Leuven

    Below is a list of affordable hotels in Leuven (30-50 Euros/USD per single room per night). These hotels are located in the centre of Leuven, opposite the train station; they are within walking distance of the conference site. Since there will be a number of other conferences taking place in Leuven in mid-September, and because the number of affordable hotels is limited, we advise you to book a room at your earliest convenience. It is possible to book on-line on the indicated websites.

    Hotel Mille Colones
    Hotel La Royale
    Hotel Industrie

    There is also a limited possibility of B&B accommodation at the Augustinian monastery, 20 Euros per night per single room. The monastery is situated outside of central Leuven, and you will need to take public transport to get to the Institute of Philosophy (a bus leaves every 15 mins. from the nearby bus stop, the ride takes around 5 mins. The last return bus from central Leuven leaves shortly before midnight). If you are interested in this accommodation, send a e-mail to with your name and the dates of your stay. Due to a limited number of rooms, we cannot guarantee a room for everyone.

    To catch a train to Leuven from the Brussels Airport, you need to go to thetrain station located at the level below the arrivals area (once in the arrivals area, do not exit the airport but turn right and follow the train station signs, which will take you to the elevator.) Once underground, you will be able to purchase your ticket from the ticketing desks located there. Please note that Belgium is a bilingual country and some of the towns names differ in French and Flemish. You want to buy your ticket to Leuven (Flemish) or Louvain (French), but NOT to Louvain-la-Neuve (another university town). So to avoid confusion, it is easiest to ask for a ticket to Leuven. You will need to change at Brussels to take a connecting train to Leuven. You may get off at any of Brussels' South (Bruxelles Midi/Brussel Zuid), Brussels' Central (Bruxelles Centrale/Brussel Centraal) or Brussels North (Bruxelles Nord/Brussel Noord) to catch your Leuven connection. There is a train leaving every 15-20 min. from Brussels Airport to Brussels Station; the train from Brussels Station to Leuven leaves every half hour. The earliest train from Brussels Airport to Brussels Station leaves at 5.31 am and the latest at 11.41 pm. The first connecting train from Brussels Station (Central) to Leuven leaves at 5.39, arriving in Leuven at 6. 22 am. The last connecting train from Brussels Airport to Brussels Station leaves at 11.41 pm, with the connecting train to Leuven in Brussels Station (Central) at 11.56 pm, arriving in Leuven at 00. 29. You may find all the train connections at the Belgian site or the German site.

    If you prefer to take the taxi from Brussels airport, you will need to exit the airport building and hail one of the taxis waiting in front . The ride from Brussels Airport to Leuven will cost you around 50-60 Euro/USD, depending on traffic.

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