European Science Foundation

Consciousness in a Natural and Cultural Context (CNCC)


University of San Marino
Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino

Collegium/Summer School

Social cognition and social narrative

7-13 July 2008


ParticipantsProgram Hotel

A one-week interdisciplinary collegium/summer school sponsored by the European Science Foundation, on contemporary research in the area of social cognition, theory of mind, and narrative theory.  This collegium is designed to bring CNCC researchers and major figures in the area of social cognition together with younger scholars, graduate students, and postdocs to discuss the role of narrative and embodied intersubjectivity.  Within the framework of a week-long summer school, research presentations, discussions, and tutorial sessions will allow researchers and students to share knowledge and interact.  Researchers from outside the CNCC projects, together with researchers from CNCC projects will be participating.

Organized by Shaun Gallagher, Dan Zahavi, and Dan Hutto


Cristiano Castelfranchi. Psychology. ISTC-CNR, Rome. (CNCC: CONTACT Group)

Jonathan Cole. Neurophysiology. Universities of Southampton and Bournsmouth

Stephen M. Fiore. Cognitive Science. University of Central Florida. (CNCC: BASIC Group)

Shaun Gallagher. Philosophy/Cognitive Science. Universities of Central Florida & Hertfordshire. (CNCC: BASIC Group)

Corrado Sinigaglia. Philosophy. Universita' degli Studi di Milano.

David Herman. English/Project Narrative. Ohio State University.

Jessica Hobson. Psychology. Tavistock/University College London.

Peter Hobson. Developmental Psychopathology. University College London.

Dan Hutto. Philosophy. University of Hertfordshire.

Tjeerd Jellema. Psychology. University of Hull. (CNCC: BOUNDARIES Group)

Daniela Kloo. Psychiatry. Universität Salzburg, Austria (CNCC: METACOGNITION Group)

Joëlle Proust. Jean Nicod Institute, Paris. (CNCC: METACOGNITION Group)

Andreas Roepstorff. Neuroscience. University of Aarhus. (CNCC: BASIC Group)

Stephen Stich. Philosophy.  Rutgers University.

Kai Vogeley. Psychiatry. University of Cologne, Germany. (CNCC: BASIC Group)

Patrizia Violi. Semiotics and Communication. Universities of Bologna & San Marino.

Dan Zahavi. Philosophy. University of Copenhagen. (CNCC: BASIC Group)


Allen, Micah University of Central Florida
Andrén, Mats  Lunds Universitet
Baker, Sara University of Bristol
Brincker, Maria City University of New York
Campbell-Meiklejohn , Daniel University of Aarhus/Oxford
de Bruin, Leon University of Leiden
de Haan, Sanneke University of Heidelberg
Fusaroli, Riccardo Università di Bologna
Gabriel, Miriam University of Mainz
Giardino, Valeria University of Rome 'La Sapienza' / Institut Jean Nicod, Paris
Burnett, Hollie University of Hull
Hudson, Aurora University of Oregon
Jacobson, Rebecca University of Hertfordshire
Konvalinka, Ivana University of Aarhus
Kotnis, Sita Ramchandra University of Aarhus
Lodahl, Sanne Aarhus University
Longo, Matt University College London
Madary, Michael University of Bristol
Mandrigin, Alisa University of Edinburgh
Merritt, Michele University of South Florida
Moore, Richard University of Warwick
Quaeghebeur, Liesbet University of Antwerp
Rietveld, Erik University of Amsterdam
Rotarska-Jagiela, Anna University of Cologne
Roxborough, Craig York University
Santos, Natacha University of Cologne
Schlicht, Tobias Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Sparaci, Laura University of Siena/Parma
Stapleton, Mog University of Edinburgh
Suilin Lavelle, Jane University of Sheffield
Taylor, Amanda Durham University
Tekin, Serife York University
van Geelen, Stephan University Medical Centre Utrecht
Ward, Dave University of Edinburgh