Spindel Conference

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If minds are embodied, embedded, emotive, empathic, enactive and/or extended, then what implications follow for the way we think of minds?  How should we conceive of the mind on such alternatives to Cartesian or computational models?  Participants at the 33rd annual Spindel Conference will explore philosophical issues concerning notions of intentionality, representation, externalism, and the causal or constitutive roles of affect and affordance, predictive coding, tools and technologies with respect to consciousness and cognition.  The conference will provide a forum where representatives of different, dissenting, and sometimes conflicting models in the phenomenology and philosophy of mind are brought together to debate these issues.

Spindel Conference

Other speakers include Adrien Alsmith, Bernardo Ainbinder Asensio, Andrew Buskell, Robert Clowes, Zoe Drayson, Glenda Satne, Mog Stapleton, Janna van Grunsven, Martin Weichold, Anna Welpinghus, Wanja Wiese

The Spindel Conference, funded by an endowment from Murray Spindel and, since his death in 1999, continued support from his wife Chris, brings together each fall the highest caliber of philosophers from around the world.  Selected conference papers are published as the annual Spindel Supplement to The Southern Journal of Philosophy.

Additional sponsors are the Humboldt Foundation Anneliese Maier Research Award, the Lillian and Morrie Moss Chair of Excellence in Philosophy, the Institute for Intelligent Systems, and the Department of Philosophy and Office of the President at the University of Memphis.