Staying on Enactivism: Theory and Performance



All sessions in the Fishbowl
FedEx Institute of Technology Room 203


Thursday, March 15

9-930Welcome (with coffee and edibles)
Session 1Chair: Matt Bower (Texas)
930-1030Albert Newen (Bochum). Limits for internalism and for a 4E account: The pattern theory of the mental phenomena as an alternative account
1030-1130Katsunori Miyahara (Harvard/Tokyo). Making sense in pain: Towards an enactive account of pain experience.
12-1Mog Stapleton (Edinburgh). Enacting education
Session 2Chair: Nicolle Brancazio (Wollongong)
2-3Jesus Ilundain (Linfield College). Enactivism in the trenches: Everyday virtuosity and skilled performance
3-4Shaun Gallagher (Memphis). Staying on track: Enactivist interventions in debates about ethical expertise
4-420 Coffee
420-520Tony Chemero (University of Cincinnati). Enactivism, nature, and the cognitive sciences
520-615Poster presentations: Lynda Joy Gerry, Zachariah Neemeh, Lauren Hayes, Matt Bower, Amanda Corris, Guilherme Sanches de Oliveira 

Sound fusion. Harris Concert Hall, Music Building

Friday, March 16

Session 3Chair: Mindaugas Briedis (Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania / Memphis)
930-1030Ezequiel Di Paolo (University of the Basque Country). The dialectics of acting: agency, performance, and materiality from an enactive perspective
1030-1130 Nico Orlandi (U. California at Santa Cruz). Predictive Processing and Representation
 Chair: Christian Kronsted (Memphis)
12-1Erik Myin (Antwerp). What you get is what you see: Perception rectified.
Session 4Chair: Lynda Joy Gerry (U South Australia / U. Copenhagen)
2-3Dan Hutto (Wollongong). Minds in Skilled Performance: Between Mechanism and Intellectualism
3-330  Coffee
330-430Hanne De Jaegher (University of the Basque Country). Knowing and letting be
430-530Poster presentations: Valeria Motta, Vicente Raja, Alessandra Buccella, Nick Raimondi, Laura Matthews, Reese Faust, Eros Moreira de Carvalho, Patric Nordbeck

Saturday, March 17

Session 5Chair: Benjamin Aguda (Bochum and Memphis)
10-11Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg): The body-body problem
11-12Laurence Kirmayer (McGill): Cultural affordances, improvisation and métissage: Insights from cultural psychiatry

Workshop on enactivist-embodied approaches to music

WorkshopChair: Kevin Ryan (Memphis)
12-1Simon Høffding (Copenhagen): Improvising with myself: Becoming a dynamical system.
200-300Nikki Moran (Edinburgh): Performing music, performing musicality
300-400Andrea Schiavio (Graz): Enactive Musical Explorations
400-430 Coffee
430-530Jenny Judge (NYU): 'Feeing the beat': Grist to the enactivist mill?
7:30Concert: Isaac Bustos, classical guitar. International guitar festival. Harris Concert Hall. Music Building