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Personal Identity

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A Bibliography--originally published 2 July 1996--still in progress with infrequent updates:
Concepts of person and personal identity cut across a number of disciplinary fields and academic areas: philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, sociology, theology, law, medicine, literature, women's studies, gender studies, and so on. The theme of personhood is explored in discussions that range from psychopathology, brain studies, and medical ethics, to narrative theory and postmodernism. As in the creation of any bibliography decisions about what to include and what to exclude will determine its usefulness and its audience. I've tried to be as inclusive as possible within the following guidelines. The primary focus is on academic philosophical works. Starting there, I've extended the list to include as many relevant works as I have come across in psychology, law, cognitive science, and narrative theory. I have not included works on literature, however, and with few exceptions I have stayed with academic sources. The user of this bibliography should be aware that there are numerous sources that cover theories of and works of literature. There is also a mass of "pop philosophy" and "pop psychology" that I have not included. On the principle that some information is better than none, I've included entries for which I do not have the entire bibliographic data. Where possible I have provided hypertext links to sources located elsewhere on the internet.

In the cases of some recently published books, where possible, I have created links that provide more information (for example, ISBN numbers, and in some cases reviews and/or comments) and the opportunity for ordering the book through Books, an on-line service.

Thanks to David Baldwin (University of Oregon), Andrew Coward, Jerry Goodenough (University of East Anglia, England), and Paul James (Canberrra, Australia) for their contributions early on in this project.

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