Concepts of Person and Self
in philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience ...
Personal Identity, Self-Consciousness, Self-Knowledge, Pathologies of the Self, Personalism, Narrative, Feminism, Gender, Medical Ethics, Embodiment, Social Construction, Ethics, Politics, Law, Medicine. . .

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  • Philosophy of Mind/Cognitive Science
  • Self-Consciousness
  • Pathologies of the Self
  • Embodiment, Self, and Personal Identity
  • Developmental Theories of Self
  • Studies of Animal Cognition and Self-Recognition
  • Social Construction of the Self
  • Theory of Mind
  • Narrative Theories of Personal Identity
  • Feminist Theories/Gender Studies of Self Identity
  • Concept of the Person in Law, Politics, and Ethics
  • Historical Studies: Texts and Commentaries
  • Medical Issues and the Person
  • Personalism

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