Online Bibliographies Mounier: A short bibliography of primary works by Emmanuel Mounier (1905-50), a French personalist philosopher.
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Mounier, Emmanuel and Personalism. Includes some excerpts from his works.

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Mounier, Emmanuel. 1938. A personalist manifesto . Translated from the French by monks of St. John's abbey. London ; New York : Longmans, Greeen and Co.

Mounier, Emmanuel. 1947. Qu'est-ce que le personnalisme? Paris. [see 1951. Be not afraid; studies in personalist sociology ].

Mounier, Emmanuel. 1951. Be not afraid: studies in personalist sociology . Translated by Cynthia Rowland. London, Rockliff. Contains "Studies in personalist sociology," translated from La petite peur du XXe siecle, and "What is personalism?" translated from Qu'est ce que le personnalisme?

Mounier, Emmanuel. 1952. Personalism. Translated by Philip Mairet. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press. Translation of Le personnalisme . Also, Ann Arbor, Mich.: University Microfilms, 1969.

Mounier, Emmanuel.1955. The spoil of the violent . Translated by Katherine Watson. West Nyack, N.Y. : Cross Currents. Translation of L'affrontement chretien.

Mounier, Emmanuel. 1956. The character of man . Translated by Cynthia Rowland. London, Rockliff. "Abridgement [of the author's Traite du caractere]"

Mounier, Emmanuel. 1961-63. Oeuvres . Paris, Editions du Seuil. 4 v. Includes bibliographies.

Mounier, Emmanuel. nd. "Principles of a Personalist Civilization.

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