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Research Sources on Concepts of Person and Self

Journal of Consiousness Studies
Special Issue: Models of the Self
Shaun Gallagher and Jonathan Shear (eds).

This special issue was being published in several installments in the Journal of Consciousness Studies .

First Installment: JCS, Volume 4, No 5/6 (Double Issue) 1997

Second Installment: JCS, Volume 5, No 2 (1998)

Third Installment: JCS, Volume 5, Nos. 5/6 (Double Issue) 1998

First Installment: JCS, Volume 4, No 5/6 (Double Issue) 1997: Abstracts

Galen Strawson (Jesus College, Oxford). "The Self." (Keynote paper online), pp. 405-28.

V. S. Ramachandran (University of California, SanDiego) and William Hirstein (William Paterson University) . "Three Laws of Qualia: What Neurology tells us about the Biological Functions of Consciousness," pp. 429-57.

Jose Bermudez (University of Stirling), "Reduction and the Self," pp. 458-66.

Jonathan Cole (University of Southampton), "On Being Faceless: Selfhood and Facial Embodiment," pp. 467-84.

James Blachowicz (Loyola University, Chicago). "The Dialogue of the Soul with Itself," pp. 485-508.

Donald Perlis (University of Maryland). "Consciousness as Self-Function," pp. 509-25.

Mait Edey. "Subject and Object," pp. 526-31.

Second Installment: JCS, Volume 5, No 2 (1998):

George Butterworth. (Psychology, University of Sussex) "A developmental-ecological perspective on Strawson's 'The Self'."

Steven W. Laycock. (Philosophy, University of Toledo) "Consciousness It/self."

Kathleen V. Wilkes. (Philosophy, Oxford University)"Know Thyself."

Tom R. Burns. "The Social Construction of Consciousness: Individual Selves, Self-Awareness and Reflectivity."

Robert K. C. Forman. (Hunter College, CUNY) "What Does Mysticism Have to Teach Us About Consciousness?"

Rodney Watson. (Sociology, University of Manchester) "Ethnomethodology, Consciousness and Self."

Christine A. James. (Philosophy, University of South Carolina) "Irrationality in Philosophy and Psychology: The Moral Implications of Self-defeating Behaviour."

Third Installment: JCS, Volume 5, No 5/6 (Double Issue) 1998:

Jun Tani. (Sony Computer Science Laboratory, Tokyo). "An interpretation of the 'self' from the dynamical systems perspective: A constructivist approach." pp. 515-42

Louis A. Sass. (Clinical Psychology, Rutgers University). "Schizophrenia, self-consciousness, and the modern mind." pp. 543-65.

Jaak Panksepp. (Psychology, Bowling Green State University). "The periconscious substrates of consciousness: Affective states and the evolutionary origins of the self." pp. 566-82.

Andrew Brook. (Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Carleton University). "Unified Consciousness and the Self." pp. 583-91.

Tamar Szabo Gendler. (Philosophy, Syracuse University). "Exceptional persons: On the limits of imaginary cases." pp. 592-610.

Jeremy Hayward. (Shambhala Training Institute). "ArDzogs-chen Buddhist interpretation of the sense of self." pp. 611-26.

Maria Legerstee. (Psychology, York University). "Mental and bodily awareness in infancy: Consciousness of self-existence." pp. 627-44.

Eric T. Olson. (Churchill College, University of Cambridge). "There is no problem of the self." pp. 645-57.

Jennifer Radden. (Philosophy, University of Massachusetts). "Pathologically divided minds, synchronic unity and models of the self." pp. 658-72.

Jonathan Shear. (Philosophy, Virginia Commonwealth University). "Experiential clarification of the problem of self." pp. 673-86.

David Zahavi (Philosophy, University of Copenhagen) and Josef Parnas (Psychiatry, University of Copenhagen). "Phenomenal consciousness and self-awareness: A phenomenological critique of representational theory." pp. 687-705.

Michael Gazzaniga (Neuroscience, Dartmouth College) in conversation with Shaun Gallagher (Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Canisius College). "The Neuronal Platonist." pp. 706-17.

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